How does it work?

1. Get started by filling out our Pre-Consultation Questionnaire.

2. Next our Business Director will contact you for a FREE 30-minute consultation to find out what your needs are and how we can best help you.

3. Based on our conversation we will send you an invoice for the estimated services.

4. We will then introduce you to your new virtual assistant and they will begin working on your project/tasks.


Is there a contract?

No, we do not require you to be in a long-term contract. You are able to discontinue the use of our services at any time. Any pre-billed hours will not be refunded. We do require all of our clients to sign an “agreement” to ensure that we are both receiving the expected services & rates.


What type of payment do you accept?

Fees will be paid via credit/debit card through PayPal or by check upon approval. No services shall commence until after payment is received.


Do you have a Guarantee?

We are committed to complete customer satisfaction. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, we are dedicated to making it right. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.


How do we communicate?

We communicate via phone, email and text messages, and will go with whichever you prefer to use.


Will I use the same Virtual Assistant?

Absolutely! We believe that getting to know our clients and learning as much as we can about their company and is the most important aspect of building a successful and long-term relationship.


Is a Virtual Assistant considered an employee?

No, virtual assistants work on an independent contractor basis. You are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, benefits, nor insurance.


Do you have any references?

Yes, please contact us and we would be happy to provide them for you. You may also view our portfolio of past projects.


How quickly will my project or task be completed?

Turnaround time depends on the complexity and urgency of the project. If your project is time sensitive, a deadline will be agreed upon before work begins. We are committed to delivering all projects on or before the deadline.


Is hiring a Virtual Assistant less expensive than hiring a full-time employee?

Virtual Assistants save you TIME and MONEY! You won’t have to worry about paying employee taxes, insurance, or benefits. There is no extra office space needed or the extra cost of buying and maintaining equipment. We do not require a commitment to any long-term contracts. We provide you with a virtual office with no strings attached.


Do I need to supply equipment or office space?

No, your Virtual Assistant does not require space at your premises, a computer, printer or phone.


How can I trust that my information is secure?

All of our Virtual Assistants are required to sign a Confidentially Agreement and are required to follow a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct. We use top niche software that encrypts information to make sure your data stays safe and protected.


How do I know if  INDISPENSABLES Virtual Assistants is a good match for my business? 
Test the water by letting us help you with a small project. Tell us what you need, when you need it, and what is important to you. Then, you decide. We will do everything possible to exceed your expectations.


Where in the World are you?

All of our virtual assistants are located in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado!  INDISPENSABLES is a firm believer in supporting the U.S. economy and its workers. We have never and will never outsource our work overseas.

PO Box 2886
Grand Junction, CO 81507